Lucius Malfoy (cane_envy) wrote in imperium_ooc,
Lucius Malfoy

OOC - To everyone esp. the Black Sisters

Over the last few weeks I have gotten some complaints regarding the ages of the Black sisters. After some reaserch it was determined the Bella is the oldest, followed by Andi, then lastly Cissa.

To make things more clear I checked the birthdates.

Bella - xx/xx/1948
Andi - xx/xx/1954
Cissa - xx/xx/1960

These are the new uniform years so every Marauder should have a 1960 birthdate (granted even with that some have not had their birthday yet) making them late teens/early 20s.

All those who are Lucius/Andi's age should be in their mid-20s.

All the older ones like Bella/Arthur/Molly should be in their early-30s.

Thank you for your understanding.
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