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Story Opener-

The headline in the Daily Prophet was barley a week old before its consequences were being felt. Captions baring the words “Minister of Magic Murdered!” gave way to startling pages accusing well-know witches and wizards of taking part in an elaborate ploy to get rid of the bureaucrat, questioning what authority the Ministry now had, and asking what charges would be brought up against the accused.

But charges were never perused. A succession of high-profile fatalities, ending with that of the Minister, would show a turn over in power. The new Minister of Magic, an open supporter of Voldermort, wasted no time in submitting a new set of laws. These decrees, harsh against muggle-borns, half-breeds, and witches and wizards baring certain ‘afflictions’ are seeing there way slowly through the system. Playing upon hate, fear, and greed, they are gaining more supporters by the day, and it’s only a matter of time before they are passed.

However, some prestigious faces in the community have yet to submit to this outrageous line of rule. Albus Dumbledore – a well known supporter of equality in all its forms – has taken it into his power to speed up the training of an elite group known as the Aurors, who he feels can put an end to this indecent uprising. Supporting them, and also run by the Headmaster of Hogwarts, is The Order of the Phoenix- a group comprised of other renowned witches and wizards advocating the downfall of ‘Voldermort’ and his followers.

With the early release of Aurors, the growing membership of the Order, the numerous ranks of the Death Eaters, and Voldermort’s heavy influence over government policy, the wizarding world is about to be thrust into disarray; and a not-so-quiet war is on the horizon.

((Yeah. Whoo! And so, that’s the state of things where we begin. Your posts don’t have to have anything to do with this, or they could, it’s up to you. But now get posting!

Once again, any ideas, questions, or comments, send them our way. I’m sure there was more I probably had to say, that maybe Rob will say later, but my brain cells are too busy playing hopscotch for me to remember.))
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