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Another character...

hi everyone!
i'd be interested in playing a second character, Rodolphus Lestrange... he might be useful to the overall plot, don't you think?
so do I have to fill out another application with the character background and everything? please let me know!
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I think the email address of the mods is on the main info page of the community. That might be the quickest way to get in touch with them. Whoot for another character, I hope you get it.

Bellatrix is unsure whether her mum or a husband would be worse. Her writer is looking forward to it.
You don't have to fill out another app. Just make a lj and tell me about it and your in. Once you’re in the rp we know you can play so no app needed.

I suggest you talk in IM with Rayvenne (Bella) ooc before you start to figure out the specifics of their marriage (since according to cannon they are already married).

Remember that you must be true to the book so Dolph should be remotely bloodthirsty (since he ends up in Azkaban).

Other than that it’s all good ^_^
According to Imperium's info page, she is Bellatrix Black which would mean they aren't married. I've also been playing her as such. There's going to be a huge continuity gap if she's really been married this whole time.
i agree... and i think it would be really fun to rp the whole courting-marrying part as well... by the way, rayvenne, do you have y!m so we can talk about it?
I'm with you on that. My screenname's prof_flamel but I'm hardly ever around. Your best bet is AIM or e-mail to
Okay you two can work out the specifics. Since the two have no children and since this is slightly AU whatever sutis you is fine