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Lucius Malfoy

OOC - To everyone esp. the Black Sisters

Over the last few weeks I have gotten some complaints regarding the ages of the Black sisters. After some reaserch it was determined the Bella is the oldest, followed by Andi, then lastly Cissa.

To make things more clear I checked the birthdates.

Bella - xx/xx/1948
Andi - xx/xx/1954
Cissa - xx/xx/1960

These are the new uniform years so every Marauder should have a 1960 birthdate (granted even with that some have not had their birthday yet) making them late teens/early 20s.

All those who are Lucius/Andi's age should be in their mid-20s.

All the older ones like Bella/Arthur/Molly should be in their early-30s.

Thank you for your understanding.
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*dances* I knew the order they were born from the tapestry, but didn't know there was a canon source for their actual years of birth. Can I be cheeky and ask for a link? The reason being that a while back a friend and I worked on a time-line and I'd like to check our work and forward the info to her, if poss.

Thanks, Gill
Ooops, didn't think at the time of my excited ramblings above. British academic years run from 1st September - 31st August. So, for example, the Marauder era students would be from 1st Septembe 1969 - 31st August 1960, etc.

(Sorry don't like Brit picking, but its sort of essential information for Hogwarts students.)
oooops again ... didn't check properly. Many apologies ... 1959 - 1960 of course!! *does the silly dance of idiots*
no worries. I found the timelines on the hp lexicon and put my knowledge in with what was there. The reason for the not exact birthdates was b/c not all would be born in the same year esp. with a new year during the school year.
*bows to the power of your research* If I ask nicely and do my best pleading puppy dog eyes would you consider linking me? *pleads with best puppy dog eyes*
*grins* THank you. I was hoping you'd be kind enough to point me towards the source of the years of birth, but this is nice.