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An Early Start

Ooookay. So, originally, we were going to start this thing up next Monday. But then, due to some player-input, we realized that next Monday is a full week away. Seeing as a week-long wait is not at all satisfactory, and more importantly, because we can, this date has been changed.

The rp will now begin on Wednesday. Monday night (aka tomorrow) we'll post up the current AIM list, and Tuesday look on the regular board for the story opener. Then, let the posting begin at your own discretion. Feel free meantime to take after Gill and introduce yourselves if you haven't already.

Any early questions/ideas/comments we'll be happy to listen to, and you can catch either myself or Rob on AIM or through email. We promise we aren’t evil and mean, and we love to hear from everyone.

And that's the deal for now! Glad everyone seems so excited to get going.

Look foreward to playing with you all,
-Maddie (James & Severus)
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